Middle school is a critical age and time in every student’s educational journey. We created Progeny Academy because we are passionate about middle schoolers and their growth. 

1. Small Class Sizes

We believe small class sizes are vital to truly knowing and seeing every scholar for who they are. Small educational environments allow us to prioritize and individualize learning, based on each student’s needs and diverse learning styles.

2. Safe Place to Learn

We address issues facing middle schoolers head on and we instill a safe place to talk about the issues that impact this age with our Reflections class and other pioneering efforts. 

boy with science model

3. Students Come First 

We ensure our students have what they need every day. We feed their minds and their bodies – with personalized education, thoughtful social emotional learning, Chromebooks, nutritious food and hearty exercise. We are passionate for, knowledgeable of and dedicated to our middle schoolers! 

4. Elevated Focus on PE

We recognize the importance of exercise to lifelong health. We elevate physical education as an equal to traditional academics at Progeny Academy. We have an indoor gym and large outdoor area for PE classes and recess. We will move together every day, no matter the weather. 

5. Personal Accountability and Character Development

We have high expectations for personal accountability. We build on our students’ developmental arc by ensuring critical thinking about character traits like integrity, honesty, and kindness. We do not tolerate bullying and we commit to keeping all of our kids comfortable and secure at school. 

boys working on model

6. Creating Global Citizens

We believe in teaching subjects in a way that builds from — and on — the world around us as we create global citizens of our scholars. We are all academic language learners – Math, Science, English Language Arts, PE and Social Studies. We utilize Chromebooks for the latest and greatest teaching options online. 

7. Tight Community

We recognize things happening outside of school can influence what’s happening in school. By design we are a charter school of 100 students; we hold our school families close in our tight-knit community.  

8. Differentiated Support Services 

We provide instructional support for students with Individualized Learning Plans and 504s through our collaborative and skilled special education department.  Our special education team in conjunction with highly qualified speech language, occupational therapy, DAPE (Developmental Adaptive, Physical Education) specialists work collaboratively to create a high-quality instructional program for students with 504s and IEPs in settings 1-3.  English learners receive a combination of push-in and pull out class support in conjunction with authentic instructional programming to facilitate English Language Acquisition (social and academic).  All staff members work collaboratively to support student learning; ranging from remediation to enrichment.

9. Passionate, Knowledgeable and Dedicated Staff 

We love middle school and we all chose to teach this age. We are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to our budding teens as they mature and establish growth mindsets. And!  We also love to teach and work side by side as colleagues, creating and building our beloved charter school. The mission of Progeny Academy is truly our mission as a collective staff and it’s how we approach every day –– it’s our culture and our biggest joy – students come first! 

girls working together

10. Supporting Growth from Fourth to Eighth Grade

Fourth through eighth grade is a time of massive growth – physically, socially, emotionally and academically. We love supporting this age and we love the myriad of ways we get to connect, teach, share and explore together. We nurture our students, using our small classrooms to allow everyone the space and structure to express themselves and thrive. Over our four years together, we prepare our scholars for secondary education and beyond with problem solving skills and collaborative group projects including practices from the International Baccalaureate Programme and Next Generation Science Standards. 

Progeny Academy provides an authentic educational program, for grades four through eight, grounded in inquiry-based principles and a nurturing social/emotional curriculum.  We guide our students through the sometimes-challenging middle school years with goal setting, situational problem solving, and growth mindsets, all in our small, supportive classrooms. We are passionate about middle school and our safe learning environment for all. Students come first at Progeny Academy

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