“I am an educator because my lifelong goal is to change as many people’s perceptions towards math as possible.” 

My name is Johanna Anderson and I am the 7/8 math and science teacher at Progeny Academy. This is my second year as a teacher after graduating from Gustavus Adolphus in 2018. 

My goal for the 2020-21 school year is to teach students through hands-on activities while maintaining a safe, welcoming, and productive space. 

I am an educator because my life long goal is to change as many people’s perceptions towards math as possible from “I can’t do this and it’s hard” to “it might be hard but I have the tools to try and figure it out”. I think this mindset grows when there is an open, thoughtful, and productive work environment. 

I love working at Progeny because we have small class sizes so while students are working, I can check in with/help out every student individually.

One thing I want parents to know about Progeny is how caring our staff is to all of our parents and students. We go above and beyond so that our students succeed in whatever and however each student learns. 

Some activities that I enjoy outside of teaching are reading, origami, crocheting, playing the harp, and spending as much time as I can with my dog Arden.

About Progeny Academy 

Progeny Academy provides an authentic educational program, for grades four through eight, grounded in inquiry-based principles and a nurturing social/emotional curriculum.  We guide our students through the sometimes-challenging middle school years with goal setting, situational problem solving, and growth mindsets, all in our small, supportive classrooms. We are passionate about middle school and our safe learning environment for all. Students come first at Progeny Academy!  

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