Charter Schools are public schools that excel where other traditional public and private schools can’t.   Charter schools partner the best scholastic offerings in smaller and more innovative classrooms, ensuring  an individualized education for every student.   

Charter Schools are public schools and are free 

Charter Schools get funding from the state, much like a traditional public school. A charter school’s “charter” serves as a performance contract between the school and its state government. Public Charter Schools must fulfill their mission and realize student success in order to satisfy the state and renew their contracts. 

Progeny Academy is a tuition-free public charter school located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. We provide high-quality learning to students in grades 4-8. Progeny Academy offers a rigorous academic program, with students receiving daily instruction in the core content areas, physical education and social emotional learning.

Charter Schools are public schools, open to ALL students 

Charter Schools deliver high caliber standards-based curriculum. Plus! Charter Schools are public schools and readily support students with assessments and interventions. Charter Schools engage in math and literacy guidance and are staffed for 504s and IEPs.  

It is the mission of Progeny Academy to support learners in achieving excellence through leadership with next generation innovative educational strategies. Progeny Academy is dedicated to provide a safe, supportive learning community founded in high expectations, rigorous academics, and personal accountability that will enable our students to become productive, responsible, global citizens and well prepared scholars for secondary education and beyond.

Charter Schools have lottery systems for enrollment. Anyone can apply within the district or even outside it, in some states. Virtual tours are a fantastic way to learn more about openings. 

Charter School teachers innovate 

Charter School teachers are more innovative than instructors in other public or private environments. Public charter schools thrive because invested teachers cultivate inspired learners and enriched global citizens in their flexible, creative classrooms.   

Through their experience at Progeny Academy, students will be held to high standards both academically and socially in order to be successful students in their post secondary career and beyond. Progeny Academy staff are committed to working interdependently to provide academic programming that will increase the mental agility of all students. Through a collaborative environment, staff will engage in a strategic learning process by which individual student needs are met academically, socially and emotionally.

Charter Schools have smaller classes, tight-knit communities and effective student support. 

Charter Schools love small class sizes. By design. Not only will every public charter school student bloom with individualized attention – every student is known and recognized by name – by faculty, staff, and fellow students. Charter schools include students with 504s and IEPs and can maintain critical, individualized support and strong communication in these challenging times. 

We passionately focus on our students’ well-being every day — with small classes and individualized attention. We meet every student where they are, in their academic and social-emotional development. Progeny Academy’s educational philosophy centers on the belief that all students can learn and deserve the opportunity to access and engage in rigorous academics and receive the social-emotional support needed to develop as a well-rounded, life-long learner. 

We believe that learners come to school with a unique profile of personal and academic experience and knowledge. All students need a school environment that can specifically and accurately pinpoint strengths and areas requiring support.  We create an authentic and individualized learning experience where every student is challenged and supported to meet or exceed academic standards — and develops the attributes to achieve success in secondary learning and beyond.

Charter Schools are safe 

Smaller classes, focused teachers, parent volunteers, and friendly staff partner daily to personalize every student’s success. Each student is seen and heard. Public Charter Schools are pioneering in their approach to each student yet reliable and trusted in their commitment to educate and operate for the future.  

Progeny Academy enthusiastically provides a rigorous and authentic learning program that is grounded in the inquiry based principles of the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Progeny delivers a relevant social/emotional learning program that guides students in their middle school years to understand development, goal setting, and situational problem-solving;  to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all learners.

Charter Schools are free, friendly, flexible Public Schools  

Public Charter Schools are free and open to every student. Charter Schools commit to keeping class sizes small, access to extracurriculars varied, and students actively recognized as the individual they are. Charter Schools empower passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable teachers to foster a lifelong love of learning in their tight-knit, inventive, public charter school communities. 

At Progeny Academy, we see thriving middle school students.  Our personal, supportive attention awakens confidence and comfort; our scholars come to know there’s nothing they can’t do, in secondary education and beyond. Our curriculum encourages collaboration, group projects, problem-solving and critical thinking. We are building tomorrow’s leaders, today. Thanks to our small classes, we are able to  see each individual at Progeny Academy. And we see big, bright futures ahead, too! 

Progeny Academy provides an authentic educational program, for grades four through eight, grounded in inquiry-based principles and a nurturing social/emotional curriculum.  We guide our students through the sometimes-challenging middle school years with goal setting, situational problem solving, and growth mindsets, all in our small, supportive classrooms. We are passionate about middle school and our safe learning environment for all. Students come first at Progeny Academy!  

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