We love middle school.  As a staff, we all choose to teach and grow with this age of scholars. We are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to our 4th-8th graders as they mature and establish growth mindsets. 

At Progeny Academy, we also love to teach and work side by side as colleagues.  The mission of Progeny Academy is truly our mission as a collective staff.  It’s how we approach every day – students come first

This is also the backbone for our approach to our community. We are dedicated to the families, caregivers, cheerleaders and supporters of our scholars. We are passionate about all things and all people who interact with and are a part of this middle school. As we are highly invested in our work creating and building our beloved charter school, so too, are we about our Progeny Academy community. 

By design we are a charter school of 100 students. Our small size and small classes means we can easily hold our school families close in our tight-knit community.  We can adapt to the needs of our families and we rely on the input and support of family volunteers when our in-person charter school is in session. 

We recognize things happening outside of school can influence what’s happening in school. And never has this been more true than during our global health pandemic. At Progeny Academy our pioneering Reflections class gives us a safe space to talk about the myriad issues that impact our middle school scholars and their families. We will also gather together as a community for evening academic showcase events and regular meetings, as soon as we are able.

We all thrive together — and we work as a team to support our scholars within our classrooms and in our purposeful online learning. Our commitment to our community includes our 1:1 technology goals for every student. We offer Chromebooks and iPads for each scholar, and can share wifi hotspots for internet access as needed.

Progeny Academy is actively embracing our students come first mission. Putting students first also explains why our school community is so close-knit. We care deeply for and about not only our scholars, but their families and communities, too. We are a Progeny Academy community. 

About Progeny Academy 

Progeny Academy provides an authentic educational program, for grades four through eight, grounded in inquiry-based principles and a nurturing social/emotional curriculum.  We guide our students through the sometimes-challenging middle school years with goal setting, situational problem solving, and growth mindsets, all in our small, supportive classrooms. We are passionate about middle school and our safe learning environment for all. Students come first at Progeny Academy!  

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